Eliminate Clogs, Leaks and Broken Pipe With Superior Sewer Services in Edison NJ

Sewer problems come in all types. For instance, a pipe joint could come loose and allow the waste to seep into the surrounding soil. Alternately, the pipe could crack, and soil could enter the line or roots could creep in and block the flow of waste. At this point, it is time to seek out superior Sewer Services in Edison NJ. Eliminating the problem is only part of the job. The contractor must also determine exactly what is wrong and determine the proper way to fix it.

The first step for most sewage repair tasks is examining the pipes. This is done with a tool commonly known as a video snake. The video snake is a long, flexible cable much like the rooting tool. Attached to the end is a video camera that provides the plumber with an internal view of the pipes. The use of the cable allows easy access around all the crooks in the piping.

If a clog is found, then the plumber will root it away using the pipe snake. Unfortunately, this may not eliminate the whole clog. Sometimes, the pipe walls will collect solid waste that sticks tightly. Sewer Services in Edison NJ can eliminate this issue with the use of water-jetting. Water-jetting or hydro-jetting is a high- pressure method of cleaning sewer pipes that scour away tough waste. The end result is a clean pipe and less chance of future clog development.

One of the toughest challenges when dealing with sewer lines is root growth. Plants are always searching for water, and a sewer line provides both moisture and a source of nutrient rich food. Unfortunately, this rich food source also allows the plant to grow more rapidly, and this means that the roots will grow quickly as well. As the roots expand, they block the flow of sewage and force the entry point to expand. The possible solutions are to dig up the damaged line and replace it or insert a sleeve inside the pipe. The sleeve repair is also known as a trenchless repair and works quite well when the damage is not too severe. Learn more about sewer line problems and their solutions from the experts at Apollo Sewer And Plumbing.

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