Eliminate Leaks and Clogs With Help From an Experienced Plumbing Repair Service in Michigan

Owning a home is a great investment, but there are times when it can be aggravating as well. Examples of this include broken pipes that flood the floors with water or a leak somewhere in the pipes that is proving difficult to locate. Thankfully, an experienced Plumbing Repair Service in Michigan can help. For instance, the experts can bring acoustic samplers to listen for the sounds that leaking pipes make. Hidden leaks can cost the homeowner a lot of money in wasted utility fees, but the plumber can quickly locate the problem and eliminate it.

Another concern with plumbing is clogged pipes. Clogs can occur in several areas, but the most common are the pipe traps and the main sewer line. Pipe traps are those curved pipes found close to the drain. Their purpose is to prevent the return of sewer gases and they do this task by collecting a bit of water in the crook of the pipe. However, this area can also collect junk such as food or hair and block the flow of water. Clearing the blockage usually requires removing the trap and clearing out any gunk. Care is required so the threads that hold the trap in place are not damaged.

Eliminating a clog in the main line can be a bit more complicated. One reason for this is the plumber must first locate the blockage. Sewer line clogs can be the result of waste buildup such as soap, grease or other materials or it could be caused by roots growing through a crack or loose joint. The first step may be the use of a rooting tool to remove any blockage. This is often known as a pipe snake, which is a long, flexible cable used by a Plumbing Repair Service in Michigan for eradicating clogs.

The next step is to examine the pipes with a video snake. The video system can help the contractor determine what has gone wrong and how to fix it. In some cases, the problem can be removed with hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting or water jetting is a high pressure sprayer system that scours the pipe walls and eliminates blockages and most root growth. Get more information about plumbing solutions from the experts at Whitney Electric.

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