Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Weed Control In Spokane

A lawn that’s full of weeds is not only unattractive, but it’s causing damage to the lawn. Homeowners can take control of their lawn by hiring a professional who specializes in Weed Control in Spokane. Read the frequently asked questions listed below to learn more about weeds and how homeowners can prevent them from taking over their lawn.

Q.) What are some of the most common weeds that are found in residential lawns?

A.) Homeowners often have to fight various types of weeds in their lawn, such as dandelions, greater plantain and white clover. Once these weeds begin growing, they often take over and spread quickly throughout the lawn. Large weeds can easily choke out the grass in the yard and steal the nutrients the grass needs to thrive.

Q.) What can homeowners do to help prevent the growth of weeds in their lawn?

A.) After hiring a professional, homeowners can do several things themselves to help keep weeds from reappearing. Homeowners should cut their lawn at the recommended height for their specific type of grass. Mowing the grass too short will encourage weeds to grow. Allowing the grass to grow a bit longer helps to prevent weed germination by producing shade and it also limits the amount of sunlight that reaches the weeds.

Q.) What are the benefits of hiring a professional for weed control in the lawn?

A.) A professional will begin weed control by first examining the lawn to identify the types of weeds that are present. After determining the species of weeds that are in the yard, the professional who specializes in Weed Control in Spokane can begin a plan to treat the lawn for weeds. Homeowners who try to get rid of the weeds themselves may not apply the right product to their lawn or they may not use the correct amounts. By hiring a professional, a homeowner can be assured that the weeds will be completely eradicated from the lawn.

Call the professionals at Spokane Pro Care before the weeds take over the lawn. This experienced company also provides additional services for lawns including fertilizer application, lawn aeration, mowing and landscape maintenance.

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