Enlarging Your Breasts With Surgery

If you want to enhance the size or the shape of your breasts, then consider breast augmentation. This is a type of plastic surgery that can give you the breasts that you desire that you are happy with and that allows you to wear the clothes that you want. When you are happy with your appearance, you’ll want to be around people more often as well.

A breast augmentation by a Chicago doctor will make you feel much more confident and happier. You will meet with your Chicago doctor to discuss the size breasts that you want and the best type of implant to use based on the tissues and your overall health. Silicone and saline implants are the most common that are used during breast augmentation. Saline implants are small when they are inserted through an incision and can be increased in size with saline injections during surgery. Silicone implants are already filled before they are inserted through an incision that is made.

One of the reasons as to why you might want to meet with a Chicago breast augmentation doctor is if you have naturally small breasts. You might have breasts that are smaller and sagging after pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight over time. The surgery can benefit you if you have breasts that are asymmetrical as uneven breasts an make it difficult to wear everything from bras to bathing suits.

Since this is a type of major surgery, you need to think about whether it’s really what you want, consulting with your doctor about every option that you have available. You’ll usually be put under general anesthesia for the procedure. The type of incision that is made will depend on the amount of scarring that you are comfortable with and the type of implant that is used. Your preference is also taken into consideration. Once the implants are in place, the incision is closed so that the recovery process can begin.

Learn more about breast augmentation and the options that you have by contacting Liposuction And Cosmetic Surgery Institute or by viewing images and other details.

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