Visit Our Dentist for a Smile Evaluation

When you cover your mouth to hide your ugly teeth, you should consider fixing your teeth. A cosmetic dentist Plano residents trust can examine your teeth and gums to plan a full-mouth restoration. After examining your teeth and collecting X-rays, a dentist can use computer software to help you see how your gums and teeth would look with a variety of procedures. You can begin with the simplest procedures first to gain self-confidence before planning the more time-consuming procedures.

Fix Your Receding Gums

If you have tiny chips on your teeth, then a cosmetic dentist Plano patients counts on can mix a durable bonding substance that matches the color of your natural teeth. Our dentist will apply this bonding material to the chips on your teeth, and after the substance dries, he will shape it carefully. This will lead to teeth that look perfect, but you may want to have other procedures to improve your smile. It is important for your mouth’s gums to look healthy, and our dentist can perform a surgical procedure to fix receding gums so that the roots of your teeth aren’t exposed.

Repair Your Smile with Dental Bridges or Veneers

When you have oddly shaped teeth toward the front of your mouth, it is possible to improve the appearance of these teeth with porcelain veneers. These restorations are attached to the teeth with a waterproof resin, and with the right oral hygiene, your veneers will remain in great condition. If you have missing teeth, then our dentist can design a dental bridge with full-size crowns to eliminate the gaps in your smile. To learn more about improving the appearance of your teeth, contact us at Lone Star Dental Care in Frisco, Texas.

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