Evaluating Applicable Laws With A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Spokane, WA

In Washington, motorcycle riders must follow additional traffic laws. These laws help them avoid potentially dangerous circumstances. These circumstances could lead to serious injuries. A motorcycle accident lawyer Spokane, WA will help these riders when they are injured during an accident.

Safety Specifications for Motorcycles

All motorcycles must possess specific safety features in Washington. This includes side view mirrors and turns signals. The muffler must also meet safety requirements. The handlebars on the motorcycle cannot be over thirty inches.

Assessing Lemon Laws and Defects

Lemon laws protect motorcycle owners. They identify issues that designate the motorcycle as faulty. If the previous owner had knowledge of these defects, they are accountable. This could equate to a civil lawsuit based on lemon laws as well as product’s liabilities.

Was the Rider Wearing a Helmet?

All motorcycle riders in Washington must wear a helmet. If they don’t, it is possible for them to share the fault for their injuries. Washington courts use comparative negligence ruling., which allows the court to review circumstances that could increase their probability of an injury. Motorcycle riders who won’t wear helmets share the fault for any head or neck injuries.

Lane Splitting and Sharing Laws

Lane splitting and sharing are moving violations in Washington. Motorcycle accident victims share the fault if they are guilty of these violations. If the moving violation caused the accident, the victim could lose their chances of receiving any compensation. In fact, if they are ruled at fault based on these circumstances, the other drivers could file claims against them.

These moving violations are dangerous. They present uncontrollable circumstances in some cases. They place the motorcsycle rider in the blind spot of the automobile driver. This could lead to a collision with other automobiles. Visit website for more info.

Washington motorcycle riders face many challenges on the road. For this reason, the state enforces laws that apply to safety measures. Riders who follow these laws and are injured have an opportunity to seek damages. Those who share the fault could see a serious reduction in their award. Riders who need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Spokane, WA should contact Cooney Law Office

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