Why Was My Disability Claim Denied?

Throughout your life, a small contribution from your paycheck is added to the Social Security fund. This does not entitle you to Social Security disability merely because you contributed. Look at your of a situation objectively before you apply. Sometimes it takes a third-party perspective – such as that which a Newark SSDI Lawyer can provide – to give you a realistic view of your case. When in doubt, call a professional.

When people apply for Social Security benefits, most of them think of nothing more than why they deserve benefits. The last thing they think about is taken from the other side of the table. Hardly anyone ever thinks about why their Social Security disability application might be denied. There are several reasons for denial, some more common than others.

Income is the first thing that the Social Security Administration looks at. Before you’re considered eligible for Social Security disability benefits, the first question they ask is whether or not you make too much money. If you make a single penny above the threshold that they have set, your application will get denied. They only look at working income. They ignore investment income. Working income is what they call “substantial gainful activity.” For most people, that limit is placed at $1090 per month for the year 2015.

The next angle they look at is the severity of your claim. If the Social Security Administration does not believe your disability will last longer than one year, your application will get denied. Some of the more common cases in this category that get denied are things like acute trauma from motor vehicle accidents.

As a government agency, it is not their job to chase you down. If they are unable to contact you easily, or if you are otherwise unavailable when they need you, they will deny your claim. It is not their job to hold your hand.

On the same note, refusal to cooperate will also get your application denied. If they require you to undergo specific therapy with a particular physician, then you must do as you’re told. It may be understandable if you miss an appointment or two, but the refusal to follow prescribed therapy will get your application denied.

If your disability is drug or alcohol related, the Social Security Administration may require you to be sober for a period of time before approving the application. When they look at your application, they consider whether or not drugs and alcohol caused your disability.

Criminal behavior is another factor they look at. If you are under investigation or otherwise incarcerated, your case will get denied. Furthermore, if crime is the reason you’re disabled, your application will not be approved.

The last thing they look at is fraud. If you are not entirely truthful in the application, the Social Security Administration will deny your claim. By being honest and forthcoming on every part of the application, you’re giving yourself the best chance to get your application approved.

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