Everything You Want to Know About Lip Threading in Austin TX

When it comes to Lip Threading Austin TX residents often have many questions that they want answered. When one sees a professional doing lip threading, it’s pretty amazing. Those skilled in this service move at an incredible rates of speed, it’s shocking to see how quickly they are able to grab a hair and pull it out using thread. One of the first questions about Lip Threading Austin, TX residents ask is whether or not it hurts. For the most part, those who have this done don’t consider it painful. It feels similar to the feeling that one gets when they tweeze. Many report that the more often it’s done, the less it hurts.

The next question about Lip Threading Austin TX residents normally ask is, why do it? Well, the obvious reason is to get rid of the hair on the upper lip. While there are other options, the reason many are turning to threading is because other methods often cause irritations or breakouts. While some may get irritated with threading, it’s usually a bit of redness that goes away quickly. Threading is a long lasting option, which is what people are looking for. This is one reason why one may choose it over waxing. Click here for more details.

One thing that you never want to do to get rid of hair on the upper lip is to shave it. Shaving the upper lip may get rid of the hair for a short time, but it tends to grow back coarser and more difficult to remove. The hair also grows back fast. Creams and lotions are also a short term fix. Nowhere near as long lasting as threading, or even waxing, but preferable to shaving.

To learn more about the various methods of hair removal for your upper lip, and eyebrows contact the Haute House Lash & Beauty Bar in Austin TX. The talented staff of professionals here will answer all of your questions, and work with you to remove the hair that you want to get rid of. If you’ve put off threading due to fear of pain, or irritation, put these fears behind you, give threading a try, and you’ll never want to go back to anything else.

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