Expect More from Chicago Hotels by Staying Downtown This Year

The experience of visiting Chicago can be quite overwhelming for some. With its vast cityscapes full of exceedingly tall skyscrapers, there’s practically an endless list of activities to engage in here. While you will certainly be able to find plenty of fun and exciting activities right down the street when staying in a downtown Chicago hotel, you may not want to ever leave your hotel room. With striking views of the city, and a tastefully selected assortment of amenities for you to choose from right there in your hotel, you will soon discover that high-end downtown hotels give you far more in return for your money. It all starts with a spectacular view of the city. In fact, the modern downtown Chicago hotel is designed to provide striking views of the city’s waterways. What this means for you is that you can expect to get a beautiful room for your money that sits high above the Chicago River, and perhaps even has a view that overlooks Lake Michigan. A splendid view from high atop the rooftop of a skyscraper may also be had at certain hotels of the highest order. If you really want to have a true luxury experience though, look for one with a rooftop bar so that you may enjoy some cocktails under the moonlight. While the views from the rooftop bar will certainly be striking, you will undoubtedly discover that it is the high-end finishes that really complete the experience. When you visit a downtown Chicago hotel, you should expect to have the opportunity to lounge around on the finest of furnishings. Add in an oversized flat-screen TV, plush bedding, and curtains that will block out every last drop of sunlight and you have the perfect luxury experience. To book your luxury experience, visit LondonHouse Chicago.

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