How Lemon Laws Can Protect Ohio Residents after Purchasing a Defective Car

Since 1975, the United States government, via the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, has sought to ensure that customers are protected when they purchase or lease an automobile. These lemon laws are designed to protect car buyers who have purchased a vehicle with defects that cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time or after a reasonable number of attempts.

Ohio lemon laws protect customers whether they purchased a new or a used vehicle. These laws make it possible for customers to bring claims against car manufacturers and to bring claims against the dealer that sold them the defective vehicle.

Without the protections provided by Ohio lemon laws, a customer could find themselves facing a dilemma of making payments for a broken down vehicle that is either sitting in their driveway or that does not get them comfortably from one point to the next. It is easy to imagine how disheartening a situation like this could be. If a person was required to continue to make payments for a defective vehicle, they would likely be unable to purchase a vehicle that they could use for travel to work and other locations.

Lemon law cases can be straightforward, or they could be complicated. Attorneys may work with their clients and help them prove that they purchased a lemon and that they deserve compensation for the money they lost.

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