Experience the View of Whales in Monterey Bay With These Tips

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Tours

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There’s a certain majesty about seeing a whale in the ocean that often takes your breath away. To have a successful watching experience, there are some tips to keep in mind before you set off on your adventure.


When you begin planning to look for whales in Monterey Bay, consider the time of year. Many whales are migratory animals, which means that they don’t stay in one place throughout certain times of the year. If they do migrate, it’s often during the winter months to a warmer climate before going back to their native land. The best time to see whales is typically in the spring and summer months as they usually stay in their general surroundings instead of venturing off to other areas.


When you’re looking for whales in Monterey Bay, you want to have the right gear on hand. While on the boat, try to stay on the outer decks to get the best pictures. Your camera should have a good zoom on it and that has a good contrast so that you can see the whales against the water. Waterproof clothing is also recommended as you could get splashed if they come near the boat.

Enjoy the View

Although taking pictures can help you capture the memory of seeing whales, consider taking a step back and enjoying your surroundings. You also want to be patient as it could take a bit for you to see a whale or two. This will likely be an experience that doesn’t come around too often, which is all the more reason to take in every detail.

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