Notable Landmarks That You’ll See on a Harbor Tour of Charleston SC

One of the best ways to see Charleston is by taking a cruise around the harbor. Many of the most notable local landmarks are visible from the water and offer great photo opportunities. Here are some of the best landmarks that you’re bound to see when you take one of the harbor tours of Charleston SC.

Fort Sumter
The first shots of the American Civil War were fired here, and the fort was the site of other battles during the war. The fort is open for tours and still features old cannons that are stationed at certain points. Historic photographs and plaques help tell more of the story about the fort’s important history. You might even get the chance to catch a re-enactment of a battle during your visit.

South Carolina Aquarium
This world-famous aquarium is home to numerous sea creatures, and seeing the South Carolina Aquarium from your boat will make it easier for you to locate this attraction when you’re ready to visit. Fish, sea turtles and American alligators are just some of the animals that you’ll be able to see. The aquarium is also home to sand fiddler crabs, river otters and Venus flytraps.

Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse
Known for its modern design, the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse is unique to many other lighthouses that feature classic architecture. The lighthouse plays an important role in guiding ships safely to shore.

Rainbow Row
Colorful houses make up this lively neighborhood, which is also visible from the harbor. The multicolored homes in this part of Charleston help give the city more vitality and continue to draw curious onlookers.

Seeing these and other landmarks from the harbor can be a great way to experience Charleston. If you’re ready to book a ride on one of the top harbor tours of Charleston SC, you can make your reservation online at

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