Family Law Attorney in Alpharetta, GA Explains Divorce & Dissolution

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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There are three processes to end a marriage, but the most used methods are divorce and dissolution. Both methods will dissolve the union, but the approach and requirements of each process are different.

The circumstances surrounding each case are unique, and it’s essential to navigate the complexities of each situation to find the appropriate route. It’s best to have a family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA assisting.


The traditional way to end a marriage is through divorce. One party will file a petition with the court to initiate divorce proceedings against the other party. The petition starts a legal battle that includes negotiations, court hearings, and the possibility that the case goes to trial.

This method must be used when there are many disagreements with a couple, such as child custody, spousal support, or the division of assets. A divorce allows the court to intervene if necessary and to help resolve issues. Divorces can be long and drawn out, especially if the couple doesn’t agree on anything.


Dissolution is a more amicable way to end a union. When both spouses work together and draft a settlement that resolves child custody, alimony, and their property, there’s no need for a long and drawn-out case. It’s better to end a marriage working together and on good terms, especially if children are involved.

A dissolution is quicker, costs less, and gives the couple more control over the outcome. The downside is that many people try to go the route of dissolution, but they need a divorce due to all the conflict. This method is only for those who have a high level of cooperation and agree on everything.

Deciding Between Divorce and Dissolution

The circumstances surrounding each marriage will dictate which method should be used to file. Divorce is the only option When some disagreements and conflicts can’t be resolved. If the couple can cooperate and communicate about their separation, a dissolution is the best option.

Whether a couple decides to get a divorce or a dissolution, having a family law attorney in Alpharetta, GA assisting is best. Contact The Millard Law Firm at for assistance.