Featured Benefits of the K9 Heat Alarm

Police dogs are equally as important to have as regular police officers. However, it is necessary for everyone to understand that these dogs have very specific needs that are unlike humans and difficult to for them to articulate. Therefore, the K9 heat alarm is most definitely a great piece of equipment to have, especially if you work with dogs on your team.

The features that come with these types of alarms is a system for monitoring that assists with the temperature of the vehicle, a horn activation module, full LCD display, accuracy, and various other options. You can have the module set up to warn you if the temperature gets hotter than 85 degrees. This means that once it hits that temperature, it will make a noise or honk a horn until the device is then shut off. You could also set it up to where it lets down the window so your K9 buddy can get some extra air.

There are many benefits that come with the K9 heat alarm. Your dog is a very important part of the law enforcement team. Without your K9 friend, the offers would have very low morale, and some of the criminals would never get caught. It is very important that you consider all the benefits that come with these alarms. The biggest benefit is that you will be alerted right away when the temperature changes. You do not want your dog to become too hot and pass out. This alarm also gives you more freedom to get to the crime scene first to find if your K9 friend is needed for this particular job. They also help to prolong the life of your dog because you are not putting him at risk of overheating.

These alarms offer a number of different options so you are able to choose what best works for you and your dog. In many cases, the car horn will let you know when your dog must be taken out. However, you may not be able to get the car fast enough so you will want to make sure that you turn on the air conditioner or keep the window down for your K9 helper. The options are truly limitless and are a matter of budget and personal preferences. Most companies will be able to customize the package in order to meet the needs of you and your dog.

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