Find How Our Learning Tools for Visual Learners Can Help Your Students

Not all students have the same learning style, and visual learners benefit from some of the products designed for visual learners. Read more to learn about some of the learning tools for visual learners that you can incorporate into your classroom.

Motiva 400 Label Maker

Some students respond to visual reminders and rewards. The Motiva 400 can make labels and stickers for around the classroom and as a reward for when the student deserves praise.

Touch-Enabled Work Station

Some students learn by listening, but most students learn best by working with visual learning tools. You can create banners, flashcards, posters, and awards using this software.

3-D Printer

Create learning aids that help visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners process lessons. It also comes with lesson plans and other materials needed to teach.

Cold Lamination Machine

You can quickly and easily create laminated materials for bulletin boards and more that you can use dry-erase markers on to create visual tools to aid student learning.

Poster Design System

Quickly and easily make charts to track student progress, or use it to promote school activities by creating an area that’s devoted to teams and student groups.

Die Cut Machine

Save time by using this machine to cut out a variety of shapes, letters, and more. You can make your bulletin boards and other materials more quickly by cutting out laminated materials and more that you can later use to teach visual learners and to celebrate achievements.

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