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by | Nov 30, 2012 | Communications

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French is up there with Spanish ranking as one of the most widely-used languages in the world. Many places aside from France have French as a major language, including Canada. French translation services can be found as one of the many languages translation services are experts in throughout the world. French translation services are an important part of a business in a place where French is widely spoken, as it allows the people to become comfortable with your company. This is an important part of making a good first impression on potential clients. Advertising your company in French brings in new people and you want those people to identify with the company by feeling you are speaking directly to them. And with French translation services – you can!

  • People, not machines. You want to find a French translation service that promises they use people, not machines to translate documents. There are many cases when words cannot be translated verbatim in order to be the most effective in the French language. This is when you need an actual person behind the translation, not a computer that generates the changes in the content. Any professional, reliable translation service will provide real people for translations and in most cases, should state this on their website.
  • Time is money. Ask about the time it will take for a company to conduct the translations needed. Remember to leave time for edits, which can be requested or required by the client. In the end, you want clean, flawless copy or subtitles in the French language and a few edits may be needed.
  • Proofreading is a must. Most professional translation service knows that proofreading matters when it comes to translating documents. This means proofreading is a must for flawless translations that will be well-received by a new market. You want the words to flow smoothly in the French language. Many times a native speaker will conduct proofreading for a company. Ask how proofreading works for the translation company you’re considering before committing.
  • Consider adaptation. Remember that you want the content to fit in with the region and culture. This is where adaptation comes into play, as the French translation service should make sure it fits with that area’s dialect and the words are suited for the audience that will read them. This is very important for niche areas like Quebec.

French translation services are available through, where they take all of these things into account to guarantee you the best French translation on the web.