Find the Best VPS With CPanel Hosting Software

Running a virtual private server can be a confusing task even for those with some experience. For someone new to VPS management it often appears to be an overwhelming task. While it may be possible to design, develop and manage your server using the old school command line system it is not the recommended method for anyone but a hardcore Unix guru. Luckily, during the growth and development of the Internet, vps cpanel hosting was also being developed. Cpanel is basically a web browser based interface to manage numerous aspects of your virtual private server.

Taking advantage of vps cpanel hosting one can easily manage system backups to sustain the integrity of their data. Proper scheduling of backups along with the possibility of off line storage allows greater flexibility in case of an accident or malicious system attack. Cpanel offers the user access to a legacy file manager which allows file manipulation in a familiar environment. Along with the common file utilities you have the possibility of editing files in a text editor or color coded code editor, an excellent feature for software developers. Another useful tool is the FTP server. The FTP session control allows the system administrator to see who is logged in and for how long. As the administrator you can view the user’s status and if you feel it is necessary you can disconnect them from the system.

The Cpanel user has the capability to password protect subdirectories and take advantage of hot linking prevention. As the site administrator you control the SSH server and who has access. You can create and control GPG keys for proper signing and controlling access to restricted areas of your website. Cpanel can help you with users who tend to distribute passwords on the Internet, sometimes this is known as leech protection, by redirecting those logins to a URL of your choice. This is just a sample of the security possibilities Cpanel provides.

As you can see, vps cpanel hosting offers a variety of possibilities for controlling and maintaining your website. The security features are outstanding and the interface makes working with the system very enjoyable. For the person new to website management, Cpanel could be the difference between success and failure.

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