Requirements for Becoming a Security Officer

Becoming a security officer Alexandria Virginia takes hard work and determination. But it is a very rewarding a career at the same time. A security officer has important duties that they perform including watching out for products, people, building and properties. In order to become a security officer, the person must have a high school diploma, submit to a criminal background check, be physically in shape and obtain a security officer license. Those are just the basic requirements as other requirements will vary greatly from state to state.

Some of the more specific duties they perform are to detain criminal violators, perform security sweeps through a specified area, monitor alarm systems as well as closed-circuit TV cameras, protect as well as enforce the laws on a specific property and write detailed reports regarding what was observed during their shift patrol. Security officers are mainly employed by investigation and security companies and will work in retail stores, office buildings and public facilities.

Depending on the state, there may be no minimum educational requirement required for a job in this field. However, with that said, other states may require a two year college degree in the field of criminal justice. Other states may require just a high school diploma or a GED.

To be considered for a job in this field, there is an all day course that you need to take in order to obtain a security guard registration card. In addition, there may be other courses that you will need to take that may include property rights as well as detaining criminal suspects. You may not need one of these cards in the state you are in but it would not hurt and it helps to provide credibility.

If you want to hold a job as an armed security guard, you will need to obtain and carry a pistol license. You will also need to take and complete certain training assignments for firearms. Training assignments usually cover things like weapons safety and how to properly handle weapons. The pay that is associated with armed officers is normally higher than that of one who is not armed. This type of employment is usually held in a highly technical environment office, restricted building or government offices.

As you can see, holding a job as a Security Officer Alexandria Virginia may be a good stepping stone for a career in law enforcement.

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