Finding Cheap Hotels in Central London

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Hotels & Resorts

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London is a busy, cosmopolitan bustling city that has over six million people living in and around it. As well as that there are more than three million people who visit the English capital as tourists every year. This requires plenty of hotels and accommodation, especially during parts of the year when major events are taking place, such as the Wimbledon Championship Tennis Tournament and the Trooping of the Colour.

Cheap hotels in central London will be in the average price range of forty to fifty pounds per night, but there are also hostels that charge far less for their nightly rooms. In the suburbs of London, in places such as Victoria, there is excellent accessibility to Victoria train and coach station, Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, the London Eye, Westminster Cathedral and all the major west end theatres. With all the bridges that cross the River Thames it is very easy to access the north side of the city and visit Westminster, Big Ben and other areas of the north.

Central London is technically classed as ‘zone one’ in the London Tube Map and inside that area you can find hotel accommodation to suit all pockets and all budgets. From youth hostels to five star hotels you will find something for everyone. Because London is so accessible from the continent people travel into London to use it has a hub before they head to Paris or Rome for a week or so. London has some amazing sights and people come especially to visit specific parts, attractions or events hosted by the capital every year.

What to Look for in a Cheap Hotel

Firstly, no one likes to sleep in a flea pit, but cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Most cheap hotels in central London are clean, friendly and hygienic and they place their prices in a market that will attract visitors, not repel them. All of them will offer a maid service, but some will only change your sheets and towels every couple of days to conserve energy and water. Many hotels now offer free Wi-Fi to their customers and most will offer a free breakfast, either continental or cooked.

If you are looking for extra services, such as free parking, you will need to look around. Not all hotels will have access to parking, especially in central London, where parking is limited. If parking is important, make sure that the hotel you choose has that facility and can accommodate your car as well as you.

Local amenities are important too and if you are planning some retail therapy you will need to be close to the local stores. You may want to visit the west end for that too and it is very accessible by bus, tube or train.