Finding the Best Period Cup for Heavy Flow

Having a heavy flow doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck wearing oversized pads for the rest of your life. A good alternative are period cups, which are meant for heavy bleeders. Period cups are reusable and won’t leak regardless of the activity you are doing. There are many different types and sizes of period cups out there, so it’s important that you find the best period cup for heavy flow so that you are the most comfortable.

How Do They Work?

Menstrual cups are different from pads and tampons because they collect your blood rather than absorbing it. Prior to starting your period, you simply boil your cup and then fold it prior to insertion. As blood sheds from the uterus lining, your cup will do the job of collecting it. If you have a heavier flow, you will want to find the best heavy flow menstrual cup for you. If you have inserted the cup correctly, you won’t feel it.

A Much Better Alternative

There are several reasons why menstrual cups are a better alternative than pads or tampons. For one, there are many different options, which means you can find the best period cup for heavy flow or one for a regular or light flow.

They also save you money as they are reusable and you won’t have to keep purchasing a new one over and over again. Best of all, you won’t be contributing more waste.

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