How Do Period Cups Work? Things You Should Know

If you’re looking for something that works better than a tampon or pad during “that time” of the month, you’re in luck. A new product on the market, called a period cup, is taking the world by storm and gaining lots of loyal customers along the way. Just how do period cups work? These are small cups made out of medical-grade silicone that you insert into the vagina and when it’s properly in place, it has the capability to hold a lot more blood than pads or tampons, even on your heaviest days.

How It Came About

Period cups are designed by a female OB/GYN who set out to make a better alternative to pads and tampons not just for her patients, but for herself as well. These cups are extremely safe and will never interfere with the delicate pH balance of the vagina. So if you’re wondering about a period cup: how does it work, it’s really quite simple. The cups are inserted into the vagina and collect the blood instead of absorbing it. Once the cup is removed, you simply pour out the blood and clean it well before reinserting it.

Better Than Pads or Tampons

Period cups come in two sizes, one made for a light flow and one made for heavier flows. The largest size cup holds eight times more blood than a regular-sized tampon. The cups are reusable and you can change them whenever you like, but answering the question, how do period cups work, teaches you that many women will only have to change their cups twice a day because they’re so efficient.

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