Finding the right Boat Stands to meet your needs

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Boat Trailers

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Boat stands are designed to take the weight of a boat out of the water by positioning the keel of the boat on the stand or stands. Best practice dictates that as a minimum for maximum safety, you should always use two pairs of boat stands (four singles). This is right for boats of up to 20 feet in length. If your boat is longer it is recommended you use and an extra pair of stands for every extra 10 feet.

If the boat being stored is a sailboat, then it is necessary to use at least five boat stands, one of which needs to be positioned beneath the bow.

Choosing Boat Stands that Maximize Available Space

If you are finding it challenging to find more space in your boatyard and your business economics are stretched, good quality boat stands that are stackable can be a game-changer.

Top quality boat stands are made using steel frames that incorporate marine-grade wooden plinths that serve to protect the keels of the boats that rest on them. All of the fixtures and fittings are manufactured from materials that rust resistant, prolonging the stand’s useable working life.

For maximum effectiveness, if you buy the right boat stands, they are stackable. This means that when the boats are actually in the water, the stands can be stacked safely out of harm’s way, maximizing any available space.

The best stands are available in two finishes – painted or hot-dipped galvanized.

How to get the Best Use out of Boat Stands

If the ground where you want to store your boat in soft, you should put some form of dunnage under the feet of the stand in order to give it a sound foundation. Never put anything on the top of boat stands to raise the height of the load. Also, you are advised to never tie anything to a boat stand.