Flexible, Affordable Equity and Compensation Management Software Modernized

Equity management software is the firm’s best friend. The set of programs helps track capitalization and organize efforts around employee incentive and compensation programs. With just a few clicks and inputs, firms can get a real-time view of equity plans, cap tables, investments, up to date valuations.

Human Resources and EMS

Some firms reward employees with stock-based compensation, others offer promotional incentives. In either situation, equity management software automates performance measurement, employee rewards, goal setting, messaging, and much more. The improved workflow results in faster document execution time and increased engagement across departments.

Other Platform Benefits

Streamlined compliance is any firm’s dream. This way, organizations minimize risk throughout the employee share and ownership distribution processes. The software irons out most of the kinks associated with enterprise solutions of yesterday. One of the best parts is that it can be used successfully no matter what stage the company is in. Everyone from startups to multinational corporations requires the use of streamlined benefits administration and equity management and reporting remain crucial to those efforts.

User Engagement

The centralized nature of the platform makes it perfect for facilitating reviews. Issue logs maintain information related to audit frameworks while users can assign certain parameters to differentiate executive ownership from others in the organization. Access protocols control who can take advantage of certain allowances, discounts, and even tuition reimbursement. Managers overseeing the software are able to store critical documents inside of the system for safekeeping.

CompXL at compensationxl.com provides affordable compensation management software.

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