Floor Scrubbers for Hire – Spotless Cleaning at Affordable Prices

Floor scrubbers for hire help keep commercial floors clean and spotless. These machines are capable of cleaning several thousands of square feet per hour to help you keep surfaces clean without breaking the backs of housekeeping and maintenance staff. Not only that, they also provide a much more effective cleaning in much lesser time keeping the fuss and the restrictions of movement to a minimum.

Floor scrubbers are ideal for places like offices, shopping centers, hospitals, warehouses and a variety of other places that have large areas that require cleaning regularly.  There is however a few things you must consider when looking for floor scrubbers for hire.

Floor Scrubbers for Hire – Type of Floor

This would be one of the most important considerations to make when selecting which type of floor scrubbers for hire you will need.  While most modern day floor cleaners come with special features and attachments that are capable of handling multiple varieties of floors at a time, you still need to pay attention to the qualities you would need in your floor scrubbing machine specific to the type of floor you aim to clean.

Floor Scrubbers for Hire – Hard Floors

Hard floors such as stone, tiles or concrete will need floor scrubbers for hire with moderate pressure and suction with self powered rotating cleaning heads. For tiles, you may need an attachment for grout cleaning or it may be a part of the cleaner in general. Outdoor floors may be made of hard but slightly porous material like concrete or bricks and these will need a higher powered machine with more pressure and suction to pull the dirt out of the pores.

Floor Scrubbers for Hire – Wood Floors

Cleaning wooden flooring, laminates and other softer kind of floors will need more care and mildness than hard floors. You should consider floor scrubbers for hire that will protect the smoothness and luster of your delicate floors and prevent scratches or erosion. These cleaners would generally have lower pressure, mild suction and soft cleaning bristles.

Floor Scrubbers for Hire – Carpets

Cleaning needs for carpets are entirely different than hard floors. Carpets need to be able to clean up absorbed fluids, dirt and grime with a high-powered machine while protecting the carpet fibers. You may need an additional carpet dryer unless it isn’t already a part of your floor scrubbers for hire.

If you are looking for floor scrubbers for hire, make sure you choose ones that are easy to operate, effective and warranted. You can rent, lease or buy machines at the most honest prices, simply visit Scrubberdryers.com.

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