Follow in the Footsteps of the Best Female Jazz Artist

Some of the best female jazz vocalists have graciously paved the way for today’s artists. In the past, it was not believed that women could competently play or sing jazz. Female jazz greats worked hard to prove their talent and capability. The fact is, they could play jazz just as well as any male jazz singer. Music history has already shown that jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald were simply amazing and unique. Tunes and melodies were products that simply captivated listeners and made them want to hear more from her. The first lady of song, Ella Fitzgerald, made quite an impression.

She Was Known as a Quintessential Vocalist
The talented Ella Fitzgerald was known as a quintessential vocalist with the capability of flowing through different singing styles. Her early career started out by entertaining and performing for people in Harlem. By the age of seventeen she was singing as an amateur and realized her love of the art. What started as a performance where she was just supposed to dance, turned into her first opportunity to sing. The performance actually gained a lot of attention and earned her invitations from different places that wanted her to perform.

13 Grammys Later…

Ella Fitzgerald received thirteen Grammys during her lifetime. She miraculously sold over forty million albums, and retained such an amazing vocal timber that she remains unequalled to this day. For well over half of a century, Ella was considered to be the most popular female jazz artist in the United States. Having earned the ‘The First Lady of Song’ title make Ella one of the most talented jazz artists that still encourages female jazz singers today. Her hard work, perseverance and talent put her in the limelight and kept her there for all of the world to enjoy.
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