On Playing Guitar: How to Get Better at Practice

Practice makes perfect. But only when it’s done right. Here are top tips to help you improve the way you practice when you start taking gutiar lessons with a good music teacher in Mississauga.

Practice with your mind

Practice with your mind and not just with your fingers, the Lifehacker says. That’s going to improve your playing skills more than practicing all day.


Shut off your phone, laptop, and other gadgets that could distract you from the task on hand. Keep to what you’re doing. Diving into the lessons this way will help you improve not just your skills but the way you listen to and appreciate the music.

Start out slow

You’re not going to play like a pro the first few times. You may not even produce music. That’s all right. Start out slow. Coordination comes when you’ve gotten used to the movements. Work at increasing your speed while you hit the right notes.

Listen to your teacher

With plenty of training materials and how-to videos out there, it’s easy to believe that you’ve got the basics down pat. But if you’ve been doing it wrong, you’ll need to unlearn those bad habits. Start listening to your teacher instead of relying on online videos.

Take a break

It’s not a good idea to practice too much. You can tire yourself out, and still not get that note right. When you aren’t at your guitar lessons with your Mississauga music teacher, then do what the pros do. Split your practice time throughout the week into smaller, concentrated chunks. That’s going to be much more effective than playing for 3 hours once a week.

Time it right

Pick times of the day when you have the most energy. This could be very early in the morning or in the middle of the day. Practice during these times so you can focus on the task with ease.

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