Get A Dryer Basement With Foundation Crack Repair in Washington, DC

A basement can provide extra living space and valuable storage if it is dry and well ventilated. Allowing this great space to become damp and unusable is a big mistake. Water leaks in foundations and basement floors can lead to insect infestations and even weakening of the building’s structure. Dangerous mold can cause health problems for the homeowner and their family. A dry basement can be used for hobbies, storage, bedrooms, or other uses. If a basement has a water problem, foundation crack repair in Washington DC can help.

What Causes Wet Basements?

Wet basements can develop leaks for many reasons. Poor construction, improper grading of the lot, lack of waterproofing on the outside of foundation walls, settling, cracks in the foundation, lack of ventilation, flooding, hydrostatic pressure from below, and cracks or holes in the floor are all common causes. Improperly fitting, unsealed windows and exterior doors can also cause water problems. Sometimes, it takes an expert to find the cause of water leaks.

Once the source of water infiltration is located, the problem must be addressed. Some solutions are simple, and others can be quite costly. But, when all water leaks are sealed, it is well worth the expense to have the basement usable again.

How Can Water Problems Be Fixed?

Foundation crack repair in Washington DC can be a solution. The cracks are cleaned, filled, and sealed. But, if there is an ongoing problem causing the cracks, that will need attention. If the area water table has risen and causes hydrostatic pressure on the floor and foundation, some action might need to be taken. A foundation drainage system with a sump pump is one solution.

If the lot is improperly graded, re-grading, so the water runs away from the house will help. If the house has no rain gutters or system to take roof runoff away from the foundation, that should be corrected. If the outer foundation wall surfaces have not been waterproofed, this is the time to do that.

If improperly fitting windows are the cause of water leaks, they will have to be fixed or replaced with better-fitting windows. All windows will need to be sealed where they meet the foundation. Browse our website for more information.

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