Get Rid of the Dings and Dents

Probably one of the most annoying things about having a car is coming back to it in a parking lot, only to discover that there is a mysterious ding on the exterior of your car and no one around to take the blame. Fortunately, there is help for you, especially if the paint has not been damaged on the car. Consider getting a paintless dent repair in Denver when unexpected dents are found in your car.

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, also shortened as PDR, is the process of removing a dent from a car’s body panels, often using specialized tools. Paintless dent repair is relatively inexpensive and usually does not take a whole lot of time to complete.

When to Get Paintless Dent Repair

Vehicle owners should consider paintless dent repair in Denver as an option when there is little or no damage to the painted exterior of the vehicle. In certain cases, even a small amount of damage to the painted exterior of the panel can sustain PDR, since it makes it easier to repaint an area that has been repaired. The great news in that most newer cars have painted exteriors that hold up well to damage from dents. It is not generally recommended to have PDR done when there are sharp edges in the dent as this may cause more damage. Front and rear bumpers are often ideal spots to have PDR.

The Process Used to Correct Dents

Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than a plunger or a suction cup to remove a dent form a body panel. PDR technicians use specialized lighting to inspect the full range of damage of a dent. In certain situations, dents can be removed from the outside using a specialized glue. In other instances, the technician may access the dent from underneath the interior of the body panel. Using just the right amount of pressure is a crucial part of the process: pushing with too much force can cause the panel to concave too far, creating a bulge in the exterior.

Finding a PDR Technician

Finding a technician to perform paintless dent repair in Denver is easier than you think. Because of the harsh climate in Denver that is prone to hailstorms, PDR technicians are abundant in the Denver area. Vehicle owners can either locate them through specialized paintless dent repair shops, traditional auto body shops, or paint repair specialists.

Keep your car’s surface dent-free with paintless dent repair in Denver. Check your local listings for places that work with paintless dent repair in Denver.

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