Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in St Paul

We have all heard the saying “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Rather than being an urban fairy tale, Bed Bugs St Paul are a very real pest problem. A couple decades ago, they were largely wiped out. However, with today’s use of more environment-friendly insecticides, these bugs are making a comeback, and they’re spreading from community to community thanks to how interconnected we are as far as traveling. The bugs simply hop aboard one person’s suitcase and travel to the next city and begin a population there.

When you realize you have Bed Bugs St Paul, both you as the homeowner and Be There Pest Control LLC will need to work together to eradicate them. Unlike other pests, that a pest control service can simply spray for, you will need to do a bit more work to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs really do bite, and you may be left with welts where they’ve bitten. They can infest all the soft materials in a house, from the sofa to the drapes to the mattress and all bedding and clothing.

This may make you think twice about buying a used mattress or used piece of furniture and to certainly think twice before finding something for free on the curb. There might be a very good reason why the previous owner let it go! Before buying a used item, check it thoroughly and close up for evidence of bed bugs. To kill bed bugs in your home, along with exterminator service, you’ll need to wash all your clothing and bedding in the hottest water temperature possible. Vacuum your carpet, draperies, and sofas, including all sides of the cushions and underneath the cushions. Vacuum your mattress and lift it up and vacuum the box spring. Use your vacuum hose and vacuum out the inside of your shoes, too. Vacuum out the inside of your suitcases.

You might decide to invest in mattress covers, which are sealed vinyl coverings that totally encase your mattress to keep bugs from getting into it in the future. Check for any openings around doors and windows and also around pipes, like under the sink, and use caulk to seal those openings. Getting rid of bed bugs is a lot of work, but you’ll sleep easier when it’s done, and an ounce of prevention can go a long way in the future.

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