Getting Started With Quilting

A quilt can be a beautiful piece of work that reflects your creativity. It can also be a reflection of something or someone important to you, such as your parents or your overall family history. Before you begin getting too detailed with your project, there are a few tips to keep in mind for quilting for beginners that will make it easier to use the fabric that you have as well as various pieces of equipment.

Start with an easy pattern before you work with those that are highly detailed or designs that you create on your own. There are usually kits that are pre-cut that make it easier to simply follow along the lines and the details instead of trying to do all the work on your own. Wash the fabric before using it to make your quilt. It’ll make the fabric softer and easier to work with to get all of the pieces just right.

A quilting for beginners tip that you might not think about is making sure all of the pieces that you plan to use are the same size. You might think that they will be cut the same way when you get them from a fabric store, but there are times when you might get remnant pieces and discover that they aren’t all the same dimension. It’s sometimes better to buy more fabric than you’re going to need instead of not having enough as some stores might not have the same pattern when you go back. Seams should be consistent, making sure that you change the needle when needed in order to work along the smaller seams. Reinforce the stitching that you’re done by backstitching. This will provide a sturdy base for the edges of the quilt or if you’re using a heavier fabric.

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