Help Your Pet Prepare for Their Stay in Luxury Boarding for Dogs

When you visit K9 Resorts in Pennsylvania, one of the first things you’ll notice about our luxury boarding for dogs is that we do take the “luxury” seriously. Dogs that stay in our suites have plenty of cage-free room, quality bedding, toys, attention, organized activities, and so much more. But even with all this fun around them, dogs still may have a bit of anxiety about being away from home and their owner. Here are some tips for helping your dog prepare for their stay.

Book Early and Visit

If you can, book your dog’s stay early so that you have time to visit the facility yourself and with your dog. You’ll want to vet the facility to make sure it is going to be safe, clean, and friendly for your pet. And bringing your dog once with you can help establish the place as a safe place that you have approved of in their eyes. Introduce your dog to some of the staff, so they feel familiar when they are there to drop off. This can help your dog feel much safer overall.

Get Their Vaccines Up to Date

Whether you are booking a stay in luxury boarding for dogs or any other kennel, vaccines are very important for your dog’s health. When dogs are all together in one building, viruses like kennel cough spread easily. At K9 Resorts of Horsham PA , we require that all dogs have up-to-date vaccines and that all dogs over a certain age be spayed or neutered. This keeps every animal in the facility safe and healthy.

Pack Some Familiar Favorites

When you take your dog to the facility, pack up their favorite thing that makes them feel at home. It could be a blanket they sleep with, a toy they love, or even one of your t-shirts to help them feel close to your scent. Be sure you also bring any medications they need, as well as anything that your dog needs for a special diet or care. At K9 Resorts, we feed dogs Blue Buffalo for sensitive stomachs.

Booking a stay for your dog in a luxury boarding facility is a great way to make sure they’ll have room to spread out, play, and get some privacy too. They won’t feel trapped in a cage and will be surrounded by fun and highly qualified care givers. Contact us today to learn more!

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