Discussing SSI with Social Security Lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK

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In Oklahoma, Supplemental Security Income is a program that is provided to disabled adults and children in low-income families. When the claimant is a child, the parent is responsible for filing an application and managing the child’s disability benefits if they are approved. Social Security lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK help parents of disabled children who are denied the benefits.

Medical Records for the Condition

The claimant’s parents must acquire all medical records related to the disability. The reason why records are requested is that the Social Security Administration needs evidence showing when the condition started. The evidence defines specific elements of the child’s condition as well. After they are approved, the child may qualify for additional services in school, too.

Proof of the Household Income

The parents must provide pay stubs and bank statements. The SSA needs proof of the total household income. If either parent receives alimony or child support from a previous marriage, they must report it to the SSA as income. Failure to provide all income sources leads to a denial of disability benefits.

Keeping All Appointments

The SSA sends a letter to the parent about all upcoming doctor’s appointments for the child. It is vital that the parent brings their child to all scheduled appointments. If for any reason they cannot attend the appointment, the parent must call the SSA to reschedule. If they don’t arrive at the appointments, the SSA will deny the claim completely.

The Responsibilities of the Claimant’s Trustee

If the child is approved for SSI, their parent or legal guardian must act as a trustee for any checking or savings accounts opened for them. The parent must manage the incoming SSI payments. It is necessary for the parent to report any changes promptly. At the end of the year, the parent must complete a form explaining how the funds were used during the year.

In Oklahoma, Supplemental Security Income is provided to children and adults who are disabled. The program is offered through the federal government. Select states provide an additional payment to supplement the income. Parents who need legal help can contact Social Security lawyers in Oklahoma City, OK by visiting website.com today.