Household Flooded Basement Albany, NY Specialists Handle Water Damage Effectively

Flooding in basements is a far more common event than many people realize. Typically, this occurs because of backed up sewer lines, excessive rainfall, or structural problems particularly concerning foundations. Depending upon the amount of water that has collected, quite often a flooded basement Albany, NY service provider is needed for to fix the problem. Because large amounts of water can pose many safety issues, it’s always recommended to let a professional restoration company handle the cleanup effort.

Proceed with Caution in a Wet Basement
Many basements will have appliances such as washers and dryers, as well as furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioning units. Not only are such appliances costly to replace, there can also be risk of electrocution. Any time a flood occurs, the first step is to ensure all power is cut off before entering the basement. There may be other hazards present including ventilation systems and electrical and sewer lines. Fortunately, most basements don’t have floor coverings, making the cleanup easier. The exception is a finished basement with carpeting.

Removing Furnishings and Personal Items
If the water isn’t too deep or has subsided, it’s important to remove furniture and belongings made of wood immediately, as water can cause unsightly spots. Attempt to wipe everything else down to a reasonably dry level. Boxes sitting in water should also be taken away. A flooded basement area will have a much higher humidity level than normal; therefore it’s essential to also take out stored artwork, heirlooms or photographs, and other similar items. If carpeting is present, the best solution is to have a flooded basement Albany, NY company utilize powerful water extraction equipment.

Mildew and Mold Danger
One of the byproducts and dangers of excessive flooding is the possibility of mold growth. These environments are ideal for the development of black mold which can cause serious health problems. Many people are afflicted each year with breathing difficulties, sinus infections, severe headaches, and fatigue due to mold and fungus exposure. Mold and mildew present a special challenge that must be carefully addressed by specialists due to bacteria and contamination.

Experienced Professionals
As a general rule, a persistent basement water problem isn’t something homeowners can deal with themselves. The process of water removal and damage repair is usually very time intensive and requires the use of specialized equipment. Whenever foundation repairs are needed, or perhaps a sewer backup is involved, there can be additional problems. The best course of action is calling upon a professional, licensed flooded basement Albany, NY company.

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