The Importance of a Name When Starting a Business in NJ

You have the idea and you’ve planned how it’s going to work; now how do you pick the right name for your business? This could possibly be one of the toughest decisions you have to make when you are starting a business in NJ. There is so much that goes into the name; the sheer potential of your business could rely on it. Pick the wrong name and your business could fail. That is a lot of pressure to deal with. Taking the time to choose the right name with the right features will help your business start off on the right foot.


Your business name needs to be memorable. Using ordinary names that are easily forgotten or blend in with the rest of the competition won’t get you anywhere. You need to choose your name wisely when you are starting a business in NJ. It needs to be unique enough to stick out in the mind of consumers, but it also needs to be easy to spell. If consumers can’t spell your company name, they can’t find it online, in a phone book or any other way. You need to find the perfect combination between easy to remember and easy to spell.

Think about Emotions

When you start brainstorming ideas for your business name, think about the meaning or emotional feelings that could be tied into any words you choose. Choosing words that could be misconstrued to mean something completely different than you meant could do damage to your business. Choose words that create warm, fuzzy feelings. You want your name to invoke happiness and excitement, not anger or fear.


Your business name should try to give consumers an idea of what your business does. A business name that is one word that has nothing to do with your business will not help it succeed. When you are starting a business in NJ, you need to think of what the business does and how you want people to think about it before creating your name. You can include the service your business does or main product it sells in the name to give potential customers an idea of what your company does. This will make them more likely to visit your store or click on your website in the search engines when it comes up.

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