How Bail Bonding in Clayton County Works

Most people don’t expect to get arrested, even if they know they’re doing something wrong. When they are arrested, however, they do not have to remain in jail until their hearings are completed. For most arrests, the person will be offered a bail amount that can be paid to secure their release. Once the bail is paid in full, the person can leave the jail until their sentencing, if they are convicted. The issue for many is how to afford the bail amount and still have money to hire a lawyer.

Bail bonding in Clayton County is going to be the solution for many people. A friend or family member of the arrested person can speak with a bondsman about obtaining a bail bond to secure the person’s release. If they agree to the terms of the bond, they will need to give the bondsman a percentage of the bail amount or collateral to cover the bail amount. They will then sign the bond and the bondsman will pay the full bail amount to the jail on their behalf; most of the time, this process is quick and the person will be released as soon as the jail has time to process the payments.

While out on bond, the arrested person does need to be careful to follow all of the terms of the bond, which often include rules like attending all hearings. If they do not follow the terms, the bond can be revoked and they will have a bench warrant issued for the arrest. Often, this means they cannot get bail again and will need to remain in jail until their hearings are completed. The person who obtained the bond will have to pay the remaining percentage of the bail or forfeit their collateral as the bondsman will not be able to obtain the money they paid for the bail back again.

Anyone who has been arrested and who has been given a bail amount to secure their release can look into bail bonding in Clayton County to help them get out of jail, which can give them the opportunity to hire a lawyer to help with their case. Remember, it’s always a good idea to go with a bondsman who boasts years of experience! This way, the person and their family member or friend can be sure they’ll get the help they need.

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