How Indian Virgin Hair Looks Great And Benefits The Women Who Donate It

Indian virgin hair, also known as temple hair, is beautiful and lustrous; that’s why it’s worn in single drawn weft hair extensions by fashion-forward women all over the world, including celebrities. This hair is donated by women in India who take care of it with meticulous pride, knowing that it will one day be cut off to be worn by others.

What is virgin hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed. This means that it has a natural beauty, shine and thickness that processed locks just don’t have. A company that sells virgin hair is offering a high-quality product.

Why Indian virgin hair looks great

Indian virgin hair extensions blend in naturally with existing hair; stylists love it, and it retains its softness and texture when exposed to a blow dryer or curling iron. Extensions are long and have plenty of volume, which make them ideal for women with thinning and fine hair.

How Indian virgin hair benefits donors

There is a long religious tradition in Inida of women cutting off their hair. In the past, the hair was simply cut off and abandoned, but now it is sold and put to practical use. Many of the women who donate hair come from impoverished areas, and their donations help their temples, their communities and them personally. If you’re ready to choose from different types of fabulous-looking Indian virgin hair including single drawn weft hair extensions, turn to Remy Hair Distributors.

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