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With maturity comes wisdom, and typically a higher respect for the things that money cannot buy – time and health being just a couple examples. Age brings on memories, which subsequently yields visions of the future. Leaving something to future the generations not yet born becomes paramount, particularly in forecasting how far available money goes posthumously.

Consulting With a Third Party

The estate planning lawyer in the Naples, FL, area considers a range of needs when establishing a legacy vs. an inheritance. Statistics show that once a family member shows up to collect funds the full amount is usually spent within a few years. At this point, legal counsel could recommend setting up a trust vehicle. This is done in the spirit of family values – it signifies a standard.

Friends of Family

There may be people outside of your biological family that you still consider to be family. They may be known as cousins, even when they’re not. Maybe they’re a teacher, counselor, coach, or someone that has had a significant impact on your life. An old proverb says: it takes a village to raise a child. Saying “thank you” to friends of the family is possible with careful planning.

Who’s the Boss?

As if the procedure was not already difficult, having to choose who will distribute the gifts and guide the legacy’s destiny proves to be even more arduous. Sometimes, it important to hire a third party, such as an estate planning lawyer in Naples, FL. Matthew A. Linde, Esq., the owner of Linde Law Group, is dedicated to honesty and integrity. Visit for answers to your estate planning questions.

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