How to Choose Funeral Flowers in Ogden, UT

Many times, the funeral home with whom you are working can arrange the flowers for a loved one’s funeral. This can be especially helpful as the funeral home already has experience in supplying flower arrangements.

Types of Traditional Funeral Flower Arrangements

Traditional funeral flowers in Ogden, UT may include any of the following:

  • Standing sprays, which are presented on an easel and displayed as wreaths, hearts, crosses, or bouquets
  • Casket sprays, which are meant to cover a casket
  • Bouquets that are displayed in a vase or basket

The Cost of Flowers

Depending on the types of funeral flowers chosen, the cost can range from $50 to as much as $800. For example, casket sprays often range from $100 to $800 in price while standing sprays often fall between $100 and $500. Funeral bouquets normally are priced between $50 and $250.

While funeral flowers are customarily included in some religious services, the flowers may not be included in some ceremonies. If you are not clear on a religion’s stance in this respect, review the requirements for funeral traditions online, or ask a religious leader for further details.

What to Do with the Flowers after the Service

After the service, funeral flowers may be taken home or offered to guests and family members. You can also leave the flowers at the funeral or memorial service site. The flowers may also be taken to the gravesite. Some people donate flowers to a nursing home, religious organization, or hospital.

Send Out Thank-you Notes

If you require flowers, or have questions about funeral ceremonies, contact us for further details. It helps to become familiarized with the appropriate etiquette. Remember to send a thank-you notes to the people who purchased flowers for a loved one’s service. Keep the notes of the senders so you know whom to thank, and assign the collection of the notes to a family member or friend.

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