How to Determine Colocation Space Cost

Colocation has become a viable and popular option for many businesses. With collocation services, you basically pay a third part to house your server, connect it to the internet, and manage it for you on a day to day basis. Some collocation services will even build a server for you if you don’t yet have one. Colocation services are the perfect solution for businesses that choose to own their own server, but do not want to dedicate the resources to housing and maintaining it themselves.

Purchasing Space
Server colocation is a very popular option with companies today. By using server colocation services, a company can focus on running its business and allow the IT staff to focus on their jobs.

How to Buy Server Colocation Services
Finding server colocation services is not quite as simple as it sounds. Getting the largest amount of data space available at the best price can require a bit of research, time, and effort. Prices vary widely within the industry, so prospective clients should take their time to find out exactly what services are included in the server colocation packages.

Factors That Determine Prices
There are a variety of factors that go into determining a colocation package price. Understanding these factors can enable you to get better services at a great price.

Rental Fees
Rental fees will in part determine the overall price that you pay. In most cases, rental space is based upon units. You may have one unit of space, several units, or a whole rack devoted to your business servers. Power systems may range from 1U to 4U depending upon the needs of a company and the number of servers used. The term 1U refers to 1 rack unit.

Other Services
There may be charges for other services. Colocation centers have very tight security procedures. Clients may have to pay extra for this service, or it may be included in the basic package price.

These centers usually also have extensive cooling systems in order to keep the equipment functioning properly. This cost also figures into the final price quoted to clients.

Clients may pay extra for other services which can vary from facility to facility.

Charges for Connection
Clients must also pay connection charges. Connection charges are usually based upon the average number of gigabytes that are being transmitted by the servers. Calculating connection charges can be very complex and the process may be difficult for many clients to understand. Take the time to understand the billing process before signing any contracts. Most colocation centers should be happy to explain the process in detail. If not, you should definitely choose another center.

Ask About The Facility
Finally, prospective clients should ask about the facility where your server space is located. What type of cooling system is installed and what type of security is present onsite? Who will have access to the servers? Most importantly, is there an uptime guarantee?

After considering all of these factors, you should be able to make a good decision about which company to choose for your server colocation service space needs.

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