How to Get People to Use Hand Dryers

Over the past couple of decades, numerous businesses have hand dryers installed in the restrooms for two reasons. Firstly, they help keep humanity’s environmental footprint lower, and secondly, they keep people from tossing paper towels all over the place and generally making a mess in the bathroom. Unfortunately, these hand dryers often go ignored in favor of the paper towels that businesses feel they must provide in order to keep people from getting frustrated. Fortunately, your business could find the perfect solution to this problem by installing a set of fast drying hand dryers for the bathroom.

The problems with the average set of hand dryers are manifold. For one thing, they’re noisy. For another, they’re just too darn slow. People will be standing with their hands in a gust of air for minutes thinking about how they could have run an 800-meter dash in the time it takes their hands to get dry. Then their eyes will invariably fall upon the paper towel dispenser, and they’ll think, “Well, perhaps I wouldn’t have quite finished a full 800-meter dash, but I certainly could have dried my hands with paper towels fifty times over!” Next time, they will just go for the paper towels.

The problem of slow dryers compounds when you have a crowd using the restroom. Someone who is waiting to use a dryer is even less likely to be patient for the sake of the environment. If the bathroom is crowded with people who are all determined to save the environment, there will soon be a major traffic jam to rival the worst rush-hour deadlock on the freeway. This is one of the reasons that businesses feel compelled to provide paper towels along with the dryers, and a major reason why your business needs a new set of fast drying hand dryers for the bathroom ASAP.

Be sure to alert your employees to the fact that the hand dryers are new and speedy. Otherwise, they might not be enticed to try them. Having a sign on the wall that touts the benefits of the new fast drying hand dryers for the bathroom, as well as a sign saying “Remember … These come from trees!” on the paper towel dispensers will probably do the trick.

Call today to find out more about how fast these fast drying hand dryers for bathroom really are! Brand new fast drying hand dryers for the bathroom can really up your employee satisfaction while also saving millions of paper towels.

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