How to know a restaurant is serving fresh seafood

When you visit an island, your dining options are likely to include seafood. Not all seafood restaurants are the same, as some collect their seafood locally and others import their food and attempt to prepare it to taste fresh. Here are a few signs that you’re choosing one of the best restaurants on St. Simon’s Island.

Coastal Aroma

One indicator that identifies a great seafood restaurant is the smell you notice as open the door and enter the atmosphere. A good seafood restaurant should make you feel like you’re at the beach, whether or not you are right by the coastline. The aroma inside should smell fresh, not like seasonings or strong grease.


A way to determine if you are at one of St. Simon’s highest quality restaurants is by the size of the fish they serve. You should pay special attention to the shrimp, scallops, and other items that usually aren’t the same size when they are caught in the ocean. The flavors should be present, and the size of your seafood should vary.

Sauces and Sides

If your meal is served with a variety of sauces and side items, it could be a way to distract you from seafood items that are not fresh. When you order from a fresh seafood restaurant, your meal may be served with a slice of lemon or light sauce on the side. Your meal should always feature the natural state of the seafood you order.

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