How to Save Money at Harley Dealers in Pittsburgh

Buying a brand new motorcycle can end up being quite a costly purchase. While big money will be spent, either way, there are some simple tips and tricks that can be used to save money at Harley Dealers in Pittsburgh. Follow the tips below to get the best deals and discounts possible.

Buy Late in the Year

Newer models of motorcycles are released for sale at the very beginning of the year. Because of this, the prices on bikes will end up being at their very highest. Instead of buying a bike in January or February, aim to buy one in November or December. During November or December, Harley dealers are looking to get older models out of their stock. They need to get rid of the older models in order to make room for the newer models. In turn, they are much more willing to bargain with potential buyers on a cheaper price.

Say Goodbye to Setup Fees

Many Harley dealers will charge an additional $500.00 or so for a setup fee upon purchasing a new bike. The setup fee typically includes foot peg adjustments, lever adjustments, and suspension adjustments. Typically, if the bike is bought right on the spot, an employee will cut that additional fee right off the bill for you. It is their way of showing gratitude for a quick and easy purchase. If the employee does not offer to cut the additional fee, ask whether or not they will consider it if the bike is paid for right then and there.

Haggle, Haggle, Haggle

Never be afraid to haggle with a dealer. Haggling is the same as bargaining and negotiating. Employees at dealerships are used to people trying to get discounts. In fact, they are trained and knowledgeable in this art form. Of course, when negotiating, always try to be fair. However, see just how low an employee is willing to negotiate with you. There really should be no shame in it.

Follow these three tips to save money at Harley Dealers in Pittsburgh. Visit Website URL or stop by Business Name for even more information on motorcycle discounts and bargains.

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