Womens Knit Tops Are Very Versatile

Most women enjoy having a wide variety of clothing available to wear. They need to have clothes that are appropriate to wear for work, clothes for when they are relaxing at home, clothes for going out with friends and clothes for running errands. While many women may desire to have a large closet full of clothes to satisfy all of the needs this is not always practical. That is why it is so important to have plenty of womens knit tops to mix and match in their wardrobe.

Many Options For Wearing

Womens knit tops are incredibly versatile items of clothing to have. There are many ways that a knit top can be worn. They can be worn to work or to go out shopping. They can also be worn to sporting events and concerts or out on a hike. Knit tops are also very comfortable to wear and are perfect for backyard barbeques on the weekend or lounging around at home reading a book.

Dress It Up or Dress It Down

Another great thing about knit tops is how many ways they can be worn. If a woman is just going out shopping for the day a simple knit top will work fine. If she then meets up with friends for a dinner out she can easily add a few accessories, such as a bulky necklace and dangly earrings, along with a cardigan or jacket and now she is dressed up and ready to go out.

Choose Colors That Will Match Your Wardrobe

When you are looking to purchase knit tops you will want to find some that will match the items that you already have in your wardrobe. That way you can mix and match your clothes to get the most use out of them. You also want to keep in mind which colors go the best with your complexion. If you don’t look good in yellow then you will not want to buy a shirt in that color. If you don’t know which colors look best on you ask some of your friends what they think. Or you could hold clothes of different colors up to your face to see what colors best suit you. You also may want to get darker colored tops for the winter time and lighter colored shirts for the spring and summer. In the fall reds, oranges and browns make lovely choices.

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