How to Spot a Bed Bug Infestation Before They Have a Chance to Take Over

Bed bugs can be one of the most bothersome pests you have in your home, especially considering they are working when you’re at your most vulnerable; during sleep. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs to look for to ensure you catch the start of a bed bug infestation before they have a chance to become too numerous. Here are a few sure signs that it’s time to call a bed bug exterminator in Vancouver.

Stains on Sheets

There are two types of stains you may encounter when dealing with bed bugs. The first type of stain is a reddish stain that occurs when you roll over onto bed bugs while you’re sleeping. The bed bugs, having undigested blood in their bodies, leave reddish smears on your sheets. The other type of stains are dark-colored stains that result from bed bug excrement after they have had a chance to digest the blood they’ve eaten. In either case, these stains on your sheets are cause for a bed bug exterminator in Vancouver.


Bed bugs receive all necessary sustenance from the blood of hosts. In the case of bed bugs in your home, then, that means the blood of you and your family members. In some cases, bed bug bites won’t cause any visible reaction on those who have been bitten. However, most people will develop small red circles at each bite location. These bites resemble mosquito or flea bites, so the best way to determine if they are bed bug bites is to note when the bites appear.

The Bugs Themselves

Of course, the best way to identify a bed bug infestation is to find the bed bugs themselves. If you can’t spot any by looking around your bed, you may want to install bed bug traps on the foot of your bed to catch them in the act of entering and leaving your bed. Once you’ve caught a few, you can consult an expert for positive identification before reaching out to a bed bug exterminator in Vancouver.

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