Ideas for Mobile Applications Development for Small Business

It may come as a surprise, but small business owners stand to make serious gains by investing in mobile applications development. No matter what service or product a business is selling, there’s a way to make it more convenient for customers to make purchases. Mobile apps can also be tweaked to make social networking recommendations instantaneously. With the number of customers and sales mobile applications can bring to small businesses, it’s a wonder there are any that are still going without.

App Ideas for Service Providers

A plumber, painter or mechanic may wonder how mobile applications development could work for them. At the most basic level, a mobile app can be created to pass along coupons to valued customers. These can be paired with regular maintenance alerts so customers have incentive to download their products. However, mobile applications can also be used to find new customers and increase sales.

Quotes, for instance, can be ordered by mobile phone. Business owners can send them out immediately and offer a short-term discount for pre-purchasing the services online. Given the convenience of paying immediately with their phones and the incentive to buy right away to save money, more sales will be made than with traditional quote request services found online.

App Ideas for Stores

Obviously, the easiest way to use mobile applications development for stores that carry items for purchase is by influencing sales. For instance, a nursery can use a lawn maintenance app to encourage customers to buy fertilizer and seed when it’s needed most. A carpet store could create an app for visualizing rooms using a selection of their products. For stores, the best apps provide a service to clients that doesn’t depend on their products but still keeps them familiar enough to be a trusted source.

Some more examples of these products would be tip calculators published by restaurants, measurement converters published by grocery stores and book stores creating “books like your favorites” lists that introduce new authors. These apps can all be used to pass along coupons or announce special events, including sales. By doing so, they do double duty. Not only do they become identified as a trusted resource, but they have direct contact with their customer base and provide an easy way for people to pass the word on.

Through mobile applications development, even small businesses can improve their reputations, find more customers and make more sales. For a small investment, they can significantly reinforce their brand’s reputation locally and on a wider scale. As time goes on and technology continues to advance, the promise of mobile apps for all sizes of businesses could make a major impact on all kinds of consumers.

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