If My Carpet Is Burned, Can It Be Fixed Or Do I Have to Replace the Whole Carpet?

There isn’t much that feels worse than the heart-sinking feeling you get when you see a spark clear the screen of your fireplace only to land on your carpet. Or, maybe it’s that feeling of dread that overcomes you when someone drops a lit cigarette on your carpet. Burns cannot be cleaned out of your carpet the same way that stains can, so those feelings arise because we are sure that our carpet is ruined beyond repair. And, if you’re like most people, you simply cannot afford to re- carpet your Arlington, Virginia home because of a fireplace spark.

However, there is hope for you and for your carpet. Carpet repair techniques can make your burned carpet look just as good as new. Utilizing a patching technique, a qualified carpet repair company can patch those areas of your carpet that have been damaged. Ideally, this is accomplished with extra carpet that you may have left over from when the carpet was installed, but the repair can occur even if you don’t have any left over pieces. Carpet from a closet or other “hidden” area of your home can be used to do the patch. Of course, this means that the closet or other area will have missing carpet. Some homeowners find some carpet that is a “close match” and have the repair person put that into the closet while they use the original closet carpet to do the patch.

With any carpet repair, the question always arises: Will the patch be visible? There is no simple yes or no answer; rather, it is always a definite maybe. Sometimes the patch is totally invisible. Other times the patching is more noticeable. A good repair technician will make every effort to render the patch as inconspicuous as possible. The level of visibility is usually dependent upon the nap and the loop of the carpet. Also if the patch is taken from new or from un-faded carpet, it may appear different than the worn or faded carpet that it is placed next to. Remember though, that unless someone knows that the carpet has undergone a repair, they will not be looking directly at the patch to see if they can notice it. And even if the repair is not totally invisible, one thing is for certain, it will be far less noticeable than a burn mark.

If your carpet is damaged by burns, contact your Arlington area carpet repair professional today. Let them come look at your carpet to see if a patch repair will render your carpet like new again.

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