Importance of Logo Designs

Often times the first impression of a company or brand derives from its logo. A company’s logo design sets the tone of how the company or brand is to be perceived. When you look at famous brands such as McDonalds or even Nike, consumers around the world immediately recognize the infamous golden arches and the swoosh. The potential impact of a logo on a company or brand is vital, thus spending the time to develop and create a logo becomes a priority for brand longevity.

When it comes to designing a logo, there are two main aspects; the image and the colors.


In logo designing, an image isn’t limited to an icon. A logo design could simply be text or a combination of an icon and text. The icon is a symbol of the company or brand and what it represents to its stakeholders. While the text conveys an a bit of the brand’s personification. Personification through text derives from the font which is used. Fonts such as an Old English typeface exudes class and heritage to the human psyche. Whereas a typeface such as Comic Sans exudes light-heartedness. The pairing of the typeface along with the icon begins the embodiment of how a brand or company wants to be perceived.


The second vital part of a logo is the color palette which is chosen during designing a logo. Different colors evoke different emotions. For instance, McDonald’s uses red in its logo to evoke the feeling of hunger. While Nike’s utilization of white for its swoosh exemplifies purity, nobility, and charm. Both of these brands utilized colors to assist in conveying a feeling to be tied to their brand through the use of these colors.

When a company or brand combines the correct image with color while designing its logo, it assists in branding building initiatives for the company or brand to be widely recognized.

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