Parts of a Car Clutch

A car clutch is needed in a manual vehicle because it enables seamless gear shift. It connects the engine to the transmission system. It is located on the left side of the vehicle and is a very important part of your manual transmission vehicle.

There are four basic parts of a clutch. All have an important purpose for your clutch and vehicle. We will take a look at the uses for them now.

Clutch Disc
The clutch disc is similar to a braking pad in a car. It has a rough outer surface to create friction on the clutch plate exterior. The disc allows for cohesive connection and disconnection as you drive.

Clutch Plate
The clutch plate keeps the clutch piece together and also relieves tension within the clutch allowing it to move fluidly. Many clutch plate manufacturers promise a smoother feel as you drive.

The flywheel is located attached to the engine and rotates alongside of it. It affects gear change and engine movement.

Bearing and Release
The bearing system is a key component of the clutch. They move the pressure plate away from the disc and affects the flow of power.

The release disengages pressure on the plate. This happens when you press down on the clutch.

A manual transmission car has many working parts that play a separate but equally important role. The clutch is one of those parts that is needed for the car to run. If you suspect your clutch is going out, either inspect and replace it on your own or take it to a local garage specializing in manual transmission vehicles.

As with any car and its parts, proper maintenance will allow your car to drive smoothly for many miles. Make sure you inspect your clutch and other parts on a regular basis.

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