Improve Your Drive With Driveway Paving in Middletown, CT

If your driveway is old, cracked or otherwise falling apart and it is time to replace it you may want to consider all your options. Most of the homes in our subdivisions have concrete drives which often only last for a few years before the elements begin to break them down. In many rural environments the homes simply have dirt drives or gravel covered drives for cars to park on. In good weather these are a functional way to keep your car off the road, but there are better choices. One of the best options for installing a new drive is Driveway paving in Middletown, CT.

Asphalt provides a tough, resistant covering for your driveway and new asphalt installation makes the yard look crisp with it’s smooth appearance. Plus, asphalt is one of the easiest driveway products to repair. In most cases a simple re-layering on the surface will have your drive looking brand new. However, many folks don’t care for the smooth dark look of asphalt and some yards and homes look much better when framed by cobblestone walks and drives. To this end, Driveway paving in Middletown, CT contractors have developed methods for shaping the asphalt surface so it resembles those neat looking cobblestone pathways.

Stamped or ‘printed’ asphalt allows the installer to provide a large variety of designs and patterns so your drive or walkway has a unique look. Matching this with the newer colored paving materials allows Driveway paving in Middletown, CT installers to provide many homes and businesses with the perfect drive to match their homes or buildings. This is excellent when you want your home or business setting to impress the people you invite over because you can create an exceptional look for a much lower price than a real cobblestone installation.

Surprisingly, few people consider paving for the walkways and patios in their back yards. Perhaps this is because those people see the product as something that covers the streets, but paving is a low cost alternative to both concrete and paving stones and can be quickly installed with very little mess. Add to that the possibility of stamped surfaces and you have a budget friendly alternative to those high cost patio systems.

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