Increase Your Vaping Experience With An Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer

Even though the world of serious vaping is relatively new, there are some brands that have already made a name for themselves by producing top quality products, components and devices. The Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer is one such component from a top brand in the vaping world.

The Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer features a glass tank that can be removed for easy cleaning, something that hasn’t been offered in the past versions of this clearomizer. They have also removed the top drip tip airflow, which provides more control for the vaper.

New Features and Designs

With this design, the airflow is controlled with a dual bottom airflow ring. The design is ideal for fine-tuning airflow through the clearomizer. It is a significant improvement over previous options. This, combined with the top-fill design, makes it a great option for those with some vaping experience.

Another new concept or feature with the Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer is the use of Clapton coils. This is a great option for those wanting a significant amount of vapor. It also features unique heat fins within the drip tip, which allows for maximum cooling to ensure correct heating of the coils with every use.

Included Components

With the Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer, you receive one complete clearomizer system. This includes the actual Aspire Triton device that is made of surgical grade stainless steel.

Additionally, you will also find the removable 510 drip tip that is standard with this clearomizer. Of course, since it is a 510 thread type, you can always use your favorite 510 drip tip with the component. It is easy to just remove the supplied tip and switch it out for your own.

The Clapton coil is an Aspire Triton 0.5 Ohm coil, perfect for creating the dense vapor that is so much a part of the vaping experience. You will also have an Aspire Triton 1.8 Ohm coil as part of the kit, allowing you to adjust your vaping to your own personal preference.

While not included as part of the Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer, there is also a Triton RTA kit. An RTA, or a rebuildable tank atomizer, does take a certain level of expertise to become comfortable in using, but it does provide further customization considerations once you become familiar with the basics.

At Mt. Baker Vapor we stock both the Aspire Triton V2 Clearomizer as well as the Triton TRA kit for advanced vapers. To see more about our products visit our online store at


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